30-Minute FITcamps  

Our ADULT FITcamps will challenge you and get you

on your way with greater results - faster.

"I have lost 190lbs in 2 years while training with Todd. From day one, Todd made me feel like I could succeed therefore I HAVE.

The main thing I like most about going

to ICE and working out with Todd is the

variety of our workouts & his ability to

manipulate the body to create changes that last in such a reasonable period of time. I've been attending classes for quite some time, and I have never done the same workout twice. Todd is very positive and pushes all of us to do our best and to do it correctly as he truly has our health and safety as his top priorities. He has no doubt saved my life in many ways, and prevented me from continuing down the dangerous road I was on. I highly recommend his programs to anyone looking to stay in shape or GET in shape."  -Chrissy (Law Enforcement)



Diana has now lost 8" total, and all the while making a major transformation from a lowering her bodyfat percentage & heavily increasing her lean muscle mass- she has STILL lost over 10lbs.  Regardless of the numbers, she now looks better than ever.  No....she's not a personal trainer living in the gym all day long- she is a Public School Teacher and a MOM.  

Join our 30min FITcamps today, and get MAJOR RESULTS of your own. 


"I have lost a total of 90lbs, and went from a size 20 to a size 6.  Most importantly, because of the training at ICE, I no longer take medication for arthritis, fibromyalgia, or use a CPAP Machine for sleeping.  Plus, I have energy that lasts for days, can honestly enjoy life.  I am no longer heavily winded merely from walking up a single flight of stairs." - Josie (Accountant & mother)

"I have lost over 8 total inches in less than 6 months of training at ICE Performance. My confidence has increased immensely, Now...I'm more likely to wear nicer clothes versus a sweatshirt that hides my flaws.  Not to mention my attitude at work and about work has changed greatly in a positive manner."                 

Brandi (Social worker) 

Warrior Strength Training 

Our infamous warrior strength programs
focus on improving strength, power and


We use some of the most unique regiments & equipment in order to maximize growth & improvements! We guarantee no other facility in the area uses these exact same techniques!

Altoona's only facility that allows adults and kids (ages 9+) to workout together!
Come try one of our warrior programs, we offer a money back guarantee!